MTAC Orange County North

Styles Festival

Susan Kim-Pedroza
Michelle Chiang

Styles Festival is a great way to prepare your students for Certificate of Merit!

2023 Styles Theme: Classical
Date: Saturday, April 29, 2023
Location: TBA

Fee: $30 per soloist or ensemble group, one check per teacher for all their students, make check payable to MTAC OCN. Each teacher will be assigned to help at the event. Teacher non-participation fee is $25

Deadline: Registration must be received by April 1, 2023
Teacher will be notified of their students' performance time by April 22, 2023.

Time limit: 5 min maximum

Dress code: Nice recital clothes and shoes. If you are unsure, please consult with your teacher.

  • Each student will be evaluated by the judge.
  • Judge's comments will be returned, along with a score of 1 to 5 points.
  • When you have accumulated 15 points, over at least several years participation (experiencing the different "Styles" of music), you will receive a trophy
  • Students may continue throughout the years and earn multiple trophies.
  • All performers receive a participation ribbon, which you will get after performance.
  • Teachers are responsible for picking up students' trophies
  • All levels of CM are welcome, Preparatory and up.
  • Disciplines that require memorization must perform from memory.
  • One piece to be performed, with a limit of 5 minutes, cuts allowed as needed.