MTAC Orange County North

Composers Today

Encourages students to write music and offers opportunities for evaluation, recognition, and performance of original compositions through a non-competitive MTAC Evaluation Branch Contest, State Contest, a Branch Composers Festival Recital, State Convention Symposium Recitals and Winners’ Recitals, and a Young Composers Guild.

Students will learn how to write a motive and develop it. They will learn to notate rhythm and notes correctly. They will play composition games and be given a folder to remind them of what they have learned.

Improvisation is a large part of the MTAC Composers' Today Program. Why teach Improvisation? Improvisation enables our students to become total musicians. It will enhance the musicianship and understanding they bring to the playing of the music of the masters. It is a skill that is needed by church musicians, accompanists, dance classes, choirs, jazz bands, community programs, and on almost any occasion when people gather together. The inclusion of improvisation has many benefits to a music education. It is a lifelong gift for the heart, healing and happiness of our students.

Original compositions are submitted for evaluation. Each entrant receives comments, suggestions, certificates, and ratings by two evaluators. Pieces with a total rating of "8" may be submitted for consideration for the Convention Symposium Recital.

A highly competitive contest for MTAC students and teachers. Original compositions are judged by two highly qualified evaluators. All entrants receive written comments by the evaluators. The winners of the contest must perform their winning piece at the MTAC State Convention in order to receive their cash prize.

Go to the MTAC State Composers Today site for information, forms, and applications

Students aged 6-18 submit an original composition for evaluation.  The judge writes constructive comments for all entries and chooses 1st and 2nd place winners in various age categories. Winners receive a trophy; all entries receive certificates. All entrants are invited to play their piece at the Composers’ Festival Recital where trophies and certificates will be awarded.

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