MTAC Orange County North

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The six classes of membership in MTAC are:

• Active Teacher Membership: granted to those who have a degree in music from an accredited college, university, or conservatory (or the equivalent) and who are actively engaged in the profession of teaching.

• Provisional Membership: granted to those persons offering satisfactory evidence of the intention and ability to qualify for Active Teacher member within three years of application.

• Business Affiliate Membership: available to non-teaching persons or firms interested in the purposes of the organization.

• Cal-Plan Membership: available to teachers who are eligible to enroll in this three year self-study program and who wish to become MTAC members.

• Contributory Membership: available to teachers who are members of other MTAC Branches. Contributory members pay Branch dues only and their students may take part in all OCN activities and programs except Certificate of Merit and Scholarship Programs such as VOCE.

• Student Membership: available to students who are actively pursuing college degrees as music majors.

For information on how to join the OCN Branch contact Michelle Ciiang.

The mission of the Music Teachers Association of California
is the pursuit of excellence in music education:

To promote the stability of the music teaching profession.

To maintain the high professional standards of our members.

To maintain the exacting qualifications for membership in the organization,
establishing the active member as a qualified, accredited teacher.

To promote the development of musical potential and ability in students.