Branch Honors Recital

Esther Yune (213) 447-9373
Emily Outhier (714) 393-8075

Recitals given by students recognized for their outstanding achievement in their Certificate of Merit™ performances during testing period. There will be two recitals - one by Senior level students who are the most advanced and oldest of our student participants, and a Junior level recital for younger student achievers.

The 2018 Honors Recitals will be held on Saturday, April 7th at Grace Presbyterian Church located at 23101 La Palma Avenue, Yorba Linda

1. Please refer to the Certificate of Merit Honors Students Check List located on page 3 of the January Newsletter to confirm all the requirements.  
2. Check the result for Honors selection including theory score.
3. GO HERE TO REGISTER YOUR STUDENTS by the March 25th deadline. You will be asked to put online the recommended repertoire by the Certificate of Merit adjudicator from your student's evaluation sheet.
4. We would love to honor all students who have qualified for the Branch Honors Recital, regardless of their ability to perform on April 8th. The online form allows for both participant and "unable to perform" entries.
5. Time the duration of the selected repertoire and make a musical cut if longer than five minutes.
6. Please encourage your chosen and participating student to keep working on the repertoire until the Honors recital day.

Branch Honors Recital Presider’s Instruction Sheet