MTAC Orange County North

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It is bittersweet as I hang up my hat as President of our Branch. I am thrilled that Ani Nuyujukian will be taking the helm for the upcoming year. I know she will keep the ship on a steady keel. You are in safe hands with Ani and the rest of the Board of Directors.That being said, we are still in need of a First Vice President. Please call me or Ani!

If you missed our last meeting you denied yourself quite a treat. A number of our members graced us with performances. Photos are included in the newsletter. Thank you to everyone who spent the time and energy to work up pieces to performance toe-tapping, lyrical, mystical, passionate, you name it, we had it from a variety of instruments.

I hope the summer holds many wonderful adventures for everyone. If you are able, stop by the Convention since it is in our own backyard. See you all in September!

The May meeting was a wonderful treat for the teachers who attended and also who participated in the program; the performances were top of the charts! Please see pictures of some of the performances on page three of the June newsletter. And check out our newly elected officers below.

A big thanks to Celeste Hassler for her dedication and leadership to our branch. No words can describe her finesse and fun loving disposition; we all learned a great deal from her. In a few words, she is practically perfect in every way. Brava, and thank you.

We have lots of talent in our branch; why not share it together and attend as many meetings as possible?

Stay young and keep teaching and performing!

Next Branch Meeting:

9:00 a.m.
Board Meeting

9:30 a.m.
Social Time

10:00 a.m.
General Meeting

10:30 a.m.
Featured Program

President: Ani Nuyujukian

1st Vice-President: OPEN

2nd Vice-President, Programs:
Susan Kim-Pedroza

Treasurer: Mary Joy

Recording Secretary: Minji Kim

Corresponding Secretary:
Carol Hills

Membership Secretary:
Michelle Chang


President Advisor: Celeste Hassler
State Liaison: Joane Grubaugh
Chair Liaison: Teri Watson
Member Liaison: Esther Yune

Former Branch Presidents:
2002-2004 - Nancy Plourde
2004-2005 - Catherine DeRenzis
2005-2007 - Ethan Dong
2007-2010 - Mary Joy
2010-2012 - Antonina Gershfeld
2012-2014 - Lusine Shahinyan
2014-2016 - Joane Grubaugh
2016-2018 Celeste Hassler