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Our January meeting included a very important discussion —disaster preparedness. Unfortunately some of our colleagues have lost all or nearly all of their tools of their trade in the fires and landslides. We live in an environment where Mother Nature lets us know regularly that she is in charge. As the Boy Scout motto reads, “Be Prepared.”

Be sure your equipment and instruments are insured under your policy. Take pictures of your instrument in your home with you beside it. Take another picture of the serial number and your purchase invoice and keep these in the cloud so it can be accessed if you don’t have access to your computer.

What about your sheet music/materials collection? We may have as much or more invested in this over the years. Here is a website and app that you can use to input the ISBN numbers of all of your materials for replacement. It uses the camera on your phone to scan the barcodes and will import to a catalog. If it doesn’t have a barcode, you can input manually. I haven’t tried it yet, but it definitely seems worth the effort. It appears you can even categorize your stash and know where you put that one arrangement you are looking for.

We also had a great discussion on studio goals including how people were handling makeup lessons this year. The advent of technology provides the opportunity to Skype or Facetime if you need to keep germs at bay or students recording their lesson and sending it to you.

Come to the meetings! Great ideas are even greater if they are shared!

Next Branch Meeting:

9:00 a.m.
Board Meeting

9:30 a.m.
Social Time

10:00 a.m.
General Meeting

10:30 a.m.
Program featuring
Mariné Ter-Kazayan


Performance Day 1: Saturday, Feb. 17th at Cal State University, Fullerton
Performance Day 2: Sunday, Feb. 25th at Southwest Conservatory of Music, Fountain Valley
Theory: Saturday February 24th at Richfield Community Church, Yorba Linda

Theory: Saturday February 24th at Richfield Community Church, Yorba Linda
For further information about strings, contact Gary Hung.

For informatIon about winds, contact Julie Neal.

Mail the "Teacher Agreement Form" and list of enrolled students to:

If you have a Panel student this year contact Teresa Vidergar with the name of the teacher and student.

President: Celeste Hassler

1st Vice-President: Ani Nuyujukian

2nd Vice-President, Programs:
Susan Kim-Pedroza

Treasurer: Karen Smith

Recording Secretary: Wenjing Liu

Corresponding Secretary:
Carol Hills

Membership Secretary:
Michelle Chang


President Advisor: Joane Grubaugh
State Liaison: Tamara Matchkhaneli
Chair Liaison: Teri Watson
Member Liaison: Esther Yune

Former Branch Presidents:
2002-2004 - Nancy Plourde
2004-2005 - Catherine DeRenzis
2005-2007 - Ethan Dong
2007-2010 - Mary Joy
2010-2012 - Antonina Gershfeld
2012-2014 - Lusine Shahinyan
2014-2016 - Joane Grubaugh