MTAC Orange County North

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The school year is beginning to wind down for some of us. I for one am extremely grateful for Spring Break this year. Time for spring cleaning! Have you cleaned out your library lately? Any maintenance required to your studio? How about a fresh binder to give you a renewed feeling? Work up a new piece?

I had been trying to figure out what this mess was on the outside of my window by my desk and was ready to get the hose out. Upon closer inspection, I found a hummingbird nest with a mama and baby inside. Yes, they were aiming their tails in my window’s direction, but their mess was totally worth being able to watch them interact. I know they won’t be there long, so I am putting up with my messy window until they go on their way.

Being a musician, of course it would be a hummingbird. sometimes messy breeds new life, just look at some of our favorite composers original scores — spilled ink, scratches here and there.

Please read your newsletter in its entirety—lots of great things coming up. In addition to all of the events for our students, our annual Teacher Potluck and Performance is on May 10th. Would you like to play individually or in an ensemble? If so, please let Joanie Grubaugh know by April 23rd as she is preparing the program for the day.

Next Branch Meeting:

9:00 a.m.
Board Meeting

9:30 a.m.
Social Time

10:00 a.m.
General Meeting

10:30 a.m.
Program featuring
Teresa de Jong Pombo

President: Celeste Hassler

1st Vice-President: Ani Nuyujukian

2nd Vice-President, Programs:
Susan Kim-Pedroza

Treasurer: Karen Smith

Recording Secretary: Wenjing Liu

Corresponding Secretary:
Carol Hills

Membership Secretary:
Michelle Chang


President Advisor: Joane Grubaugh
State Liaison: Tamara Matchkhaneli
Chair Liaison: Teri Watson
Member Liaison: Esther Yune

Former Branch Presidents:
2002-2004 - Nancy Plourde
2004-2005 - Catherine DeRenzis
2005-2007 - Ethan Dong
2007-2010 - Mary Joy
2010-2012 - Antonina Gershfeld
2012-2014 - Lusine Shahinyan
2014-2016 - Joane Grubaugh