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Last month, we recognized the passing of the renowned piano teacher, Jane Bastien. So many of our members have had opportunity to interact with her over the years. Her influence was felt far beyond her own studio. It prompted me to reflect on how many students I have interacted with over the years. How amazing it is that we provide a service that teaches so many vital life skills to so many, and unlike schoolteachers, we develop a one-on-one relationship with our charges that lasts years.

That relationship filters into so many aspects of our students lives beyond the music staff, most importantly, they learn to be good humans along the way. Then they teach their children, and so on, and so on. Every time I hear my alma mater’s marching band playing “Take Me Home, Country Roads” at a WVU Football game, my heart sings with joy. Not only because my college years were a treasured time in my life and always make me smile, but because my college piano professor and advisor created the arrangement performed by the band each season for longer than I choose to advertise. My heart swells and I give a personal thank you for his amazing influence on my life. Who is that person for you in your musical and human development?

Come celebrate our musical development for this year at our annual Potluck and Performance luncheon, May 10th. We have fantastic performances by our own star members lined up, the Outstanding Service Award, and the installation of our new officers for 2018-2019. It will be a stellar party!

Next Branch Meeting:

9:00 a.m.
Board Meeting

9:30 a.m.
Social Time

10:00 a.m.
General Meeting

10:30 a.m.
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President: Celeste Hassler

1st Vice-President: Ani Nuyujukian

2nd Vice-President, Programs:
Susan Kim-Pedroza

Treasurer: Karen Smith

Recording Secretary: Wenjing Liu

Corresponding Secretary:
Carol Hills

Membership Secretary:
Michelle Chang


President Advisor: Joane Grubaugh
State Liaison: Tamara Matchkhaneli
Chair Liaison: Teri Watson
Member Liaison: Esther Yune

Former Branch Presidents:
2002-2004 - Nancy Plourde
2004-2005 - Catherine DeRenzis
2005-2007 - Ethan Dong
2007-2010 - Mary Joy
2010-2012 - Antonina Gershfeld
2012-2014 - Lusine Shahinyan
2014-2016 - Joane Grubaugh